Life at a new IIM…

“ You have been selected for the PGPM programme at Indian Institute of Management Rohtak ”.
These were the words in a mail I received on 28th May 2010 while I was working on the internet in a cyber cafe. My immediate reaction was of utter joy and disbelief at the same time. I read the mail again, and indeed I had made it to an IIM, a dream I had been pursuing for the last two long years. It felt like the fruition of all my hard work and effort over the last two years. It was without a doubt the best day of my life so far.
However, there were still some difficult questions before me. I had converts from lots of other established and reputed B-Schools including MDI, IMT, and NMIMS. I had to choose whether to go for an established B-school, or to bet on a new IIM with no history behind it. There were some fears initially about the quality of facilities, both infrastructure-wise and academically, that the first batch would get. With no alumni or seniors to support us, it was going to be a journey on uncharted terrain.
The first few days at the campus were quite hectic, with lots of classes, guest lectures and other such activities. The faculty, all world class with many of them being internationally reputed names in their areas of expertise, made us feel comfortable and at home. The learning environment all along was excellent, with some of the brightest brains in the country exchanging ideas and discussing management concepts. It was a pleasant surprise to know that three of our batch-mates had CAT percentiles in excess of 99.90.
The best thing I felt there was the sense of camaraderie amongst the batch. We have always stood by each other in thick and thin, and have helped each other in all possible ways. We crossed all barriers in trying to help each other .I personally made some great friends here, who I believe will remain so lifelong. All in all, it has been truly wonderful to study with such a great group of talented, enthusiastic, and lively people.
Weekends provided some opportunity to play sports. I started playing tennis for the first time here, and have enjoyed it thoroughly. We regularly organized sporting events in our campus, starting with RunSangram, a cricket tournament on the lines of the IPL. Apart from that, we organized tournaments for many other sports including Carom, Chess, and Table tennis, and all of these attracted the attention of the entire batch. We had loads of fun during these, and the camaraderie between the batch has been further strengthened by these events. Yours truly got the honour of being crowned the table tennis champion of our batch.
Time has flown by very fast , and the winds of change have swept all of us. I had some fears and suspicions at the time of joining this college, but now I can honestly say that it had been one of the best experiences of my life.

Manish Kumar Verma

PGDM, IIM Rohtak

Mentor: Quants & DI/LR, Erudite


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