Salient points about the CAT 2013, 16th Oct

1. Quants questions were spread across all sections with no preference to any selected area. Not more than 2 -3 questions from any area.
2. Question came from functions area more than normal (3 questions in the set)
3. Easy questions were spread throughout the paper. So, it’s important to read through the entire paper so as to not miss any easy questions.
4. DI sets were quite easy with questions requiring some basic percentage calculations. Must attempt questions.
5. Section on English contained a new question type on para jumbles, i.e. para jumble misfit. You had to find out 1 statement out of 4 which won’t be useful in forming the paragraph
6. The grammar based questions were very tough with seemingly all statements looking right. Hard to crack.
7. The RC passages had mostly questions of inferential nature. One of the passages was based on comparison between religion and secularism and their impact on humanity. A 2nd passage was based on how every individual in society is forced to conform to some prescribed social standards, and the conflict it creates within. Most questions required a thorough and deep understanding of the passage.
8. The 2 regular para jumbles were easily solvable with good connectors present between the statements. A relatively easier set.
9. There were 2 questions each on concluding statements and correct usage of a word in given statement. All these questions were of moderate difficulty level.
10. The LR passages were tough with lots of conditions needed to be decoded to solve the questions. Most of the questions were very time consuming.
11. Overall section I was relatively easier and a good attempt would have been 20 questions. Around 25 attempts would lead to top IIM calls.
12. Section II was slightly tougher and a good attempt would have been around 16 questions with a high accuracy of 85%.


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